A brief introduction to our company

Våra viner

Connecting Georgian natural wine culture with the Swedish market

Gaumarjos Vin imports natural wines from Georgia since 2010. Georgia is the cradle of winemaking, and its traditions date back to 6000 BC. It is no surprise that wine is as the core of Georgian culture and its vigorous spirit. We only offer wines from winemakers that are our friends. Their common denominators are a meticulous care for detail, farming according to biodynamic principles, and artisanal winemaking with minimal or no intervention. This way, we make sure that our wines are in harmony with a natural philosophy that resonates clearly throughout the process, from soil to glass.

Dear winemakers
We are constantly looking for new winemakers from the ever-growing natural wine community in Georgia. We are usually present at Zero Compromise and travel frequently to Georgia, but there is not always an opportunity to sit down to talk and taste properly. If you produce wines that are in line with our philosophy and would like to introduce them on the Swedish market, you are most welcome to reach out to us at